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Minneapolis Mold
Removal Services

Minneapolis MN Mold Inspection, Testing and Remediation

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Mold is a fungus that consists of small organisms found almost anywhere. They carry out their growth process on areas where moisture is and reproduces. Mold appears to be harmless but is very lethal to human health. Tackle small growths of fungus, whether being manifested as spots or moist, there is a need to ensure they don't gain footage on the walls and floors around your commercial or residential building.

When they take over your wall, they make it appear appealing to the eyes. Minneapolis Mold removal services will help you bring an end to the molds and return the affected areas to its original condition.

About Us

If you search for mold removal services and find yourself here – you are in the right place. We are a full-scale mold removal service provider in Minneapolis with proven track records of successful mold removal projects. We work towards enhancing environmentally friendly living and get rid of threats like molds that present health implications. If you desire to trace mold and ultimately eradicate them from your building, using the right tools and adequate chemicals, our highly trained technician would effectively handle the mold removal processes. At Minneapolis Mold Removal Services, our knowledge and experience made us stand out from other contractors because our clients can attest to our efficient and quality services.

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    Our Services

    Our services have been carefully lined up and selected to ensure that we curb the growth and spread of any form of mold. We do this with scientifically proven methods that are also environmentally friendly. We understand that mold growth can cause structural damage and even affect the health, but with the best hand, it can be controlled and managed. We offer tailor-made mold removal and remediation solution in Minneapolis without eating deep into your purse. We inspect and carry out facilities testing to ascertain the appropriate molds remedial action to take. As an environmental hygiene specialist, we've got you covered.

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    Mold & Health

    Numerous bacteria and fungus are produced on the four walls and windows segments of a building, this can become mold in the future. When this happens, it can ruin your painting and can also affect the health adversely. Mold can be found around areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and crawl spaces; these are places we regularly visit. Minneapolis Mold Removal Services is one of the top experts who deliver quality services by utilizing chemicals that can control the spread of mold with zero effect on human health. We understand and play by the concept that health is wealth.

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    Mold Inspecting

    Mold can be found in different parts of a building; some can easily be seen from a far distance while others can be seen when you are extremely closer to the spot. However, to locate mold around your residence or commercial building, there is a need for a mold inspection. As an industry expert, our team consists of mold inspectors; their role is to ascertain the degree of harm mold can result in so that the appropriate steps can be taken to eliminate them. During the mold inspection, we professionally carry out a thorough analysis of the area where mold has been formed and recommend long-lasting solutions.

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    Mold Testing

    After the mold inspection service, we also ensure necessary mold tests are done to solidify facts and observations. Some molds are difficult to observe just by physical inspection. This is why samples of the mold surfaces are carried and sent to laboratories, or we do a quick test using manual mold testing kits. Some may tell you that mold testing is unnecessary, but as experts with years of experience, we affirm that it's indispensable. Through the mold testing service, we can help predict areas of the building where mold can grow in the future, and if they would grow and become uncontrollable.

    "I chose Minneapolis mold removal service because of the great client reviews I had read about them. I needed to have my compound cleared from mold that had damaged some areas of our building; I took the bold step of contacting them. Through their professional response, I can now say that my worries about mold growth have been solved" – James. F

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    "I was referred by a friend who they had helped clear off mold from her office in Minneapolis. I was so delighted when I went through their website and understood the quality of service they would offer. Now my home has been rid of all the mold that existed before" – Martin junior.

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    "To ensure good working conditions for all our staff and customers, we decided to contact a well-equipped and trained mold removal service provider that would be efficient in tackling all the mold on our complex walls. They were able to deal with all the mold growths, and their customer service was superb"– John Walter.

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    Mold Removal & Remediation

    If your Minneapolis building is affected by mold, you must contact a highly experienced company that offers mold removal and remediation services. Minneapolis mold removal and remediation services involve the steps taken to ensure that the mold formations around your building are entirely removed. We are proud to offer an exceptional service level to residential and commercial buildings affected by mold in Minneapolis. The remedies we apply during the removal and remediation process ensure that they are eliminated and prevented from further cropping up in the future. Don't wait until the mold damage gets worse, call us, and we'll be there right away.

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    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    To ensure a safe and hygienic place of doing business and to provide a conducive environment for your customers, you need to seek professionals' services. We serve as a principal contractor to banks, schools, restaurants, companies, and establishments to help them contain the mold spread in their buildings. This is achieved through a series of remediation processes applied to potential growth areas and managing the situation effectively as professionals. No company can beat our commercial mold removal and remediation services in the entire Minneapolis because our team is certified, well-trained, and customer-centric. You'll be glad we handle this service for your business.

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    How can I know when mold is in my building?

    At the early stage, mold doesn't appear too visible, but to know if they are on your walls or any part of your building, you must carry out a mold inspection. This will allow you to determine the humidity level of the surface areas in your building.


    Is mold hazardous to health?

    Most mold can affect both humans and animals’ health-wise, especially when you breathe in the microscopic mold spore in the atmosphere. 

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    Contact Us Today

    Minneapolis Mold Removal Services is locally owned and operated by highly skilled environmentalists, our clients' interest is our priority; hence the purpose for being in the business. Every home, offices, shopping mall, or as the case may be is vulnerable to mold damages, and as the owner, your responsibility is to protect your building. The protection can be proactive or done after mold growth has been identified. However, we guarantee a healthy residential and commercial location – our website carries all information you need to know, but if you need to talk to us directly, please call via the number or fill the contact form.