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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

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Minneapolis Mold Removal Services provides world-class mold removal and remediation services for commercial buildings. With several years of experience serving All Minneapolis and its environs. We are regarded as Minneapolis's best commercial mold removal and remediation service company with 24/7 responsiveness to clients who need us. Based on our skills, we focus on offering quality mold remediation services from evaluation, damage repairs, area restoration, and overall disinfection. Through our commercial mold removal and remediation, we don't give mold any slightest chance to thrive in buildings meant to scatter or clients. So, we remove contaminated surfaces and do overall clean up.

Removal of Water and Damaged Building Materials

Mold issues cannot be taken care of if the source of water leaks or seepage isn't identified. When the water source is identified, it would be easier to dry up the water present. Building materials with mold growths should be disposed of properly, and this would require the services of a professional who has good knowledge of the material and is well. Equipped to deal with accidents and hazards that may occur. You should also ensure that the area where this removal is being carried out is well ventilated to avoid spores from spreading while still cleaning up.

Thorough Cleaning of surfaces

Commercial mold removal services ensure that environments, where molds grow, are cleaned appropriately. Molds can survive in any environment where the pH levels are between 3-7. Cleaning would need to be done with chemicals that can make the reaction more basic or acidic than the comfortable pH where mold growth can be encouraged. The chemicals are used to thoroughly clean even the smallest of spots so that growth can't take place. All molds must be cleaned and removed by remediation experts.

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

When owners of commercial facilities try to clean up molds by themselves, they make the mistake of not setting up containment areas around scrubbed surfaces or areas. The spores of the molds become airborne once cleaning starts, and they make their movement more volatile, contaminating the office areas. Professional mold remediation specialists become very valuable and instrumental to this effect. They ensure that mold growth areas are properly disinfected while setting up negative airflow environments. This reduces the risk of total air contamination by spores being distributed into the air

Calling for Professional Help

Internationally recognized standards of the EPA states that if mold growth is limited to 10 square feet area, mold removal or remediation can be done individually. When the size of the mold being observed is more than that, it is recommended that professionals be contacted to handle cleanup operations. If molds have been observed to have contaminated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, they must employ experts to handle mold removal. Most persons prefer to run HVAC systems to combat the situation, but doing this without complete, professional, and thorough cleaning and disinfection of areas and surfaces will only result in the further spread of the molds.

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