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Mold & Health

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Minneapolis Mold Removal Services believes that living healthy is a vital part of our general wellbeing and should not be altered by mold or any other substance. Hence, we offer unique services channeled towards the health safety of clients and their families and the degeneration of mold that can cause immediate harm. Research has revealed that most mold can harm the health of both humans and animals. Small patches of mold aren't lethal until they begin to grow and spread. As a hygiene specialist, we observe mold conditions and predict solutions that can help the client remain active health-wise.

Infants and Children

When exposed to a large number of toxic releases from mold, children can easily come down with chronic respiratory challenges. As growing kids, their immune system hasn't become enabled enough to fight certain categories of infections. This is why keeping them safe from harmful substances like mold is very Paramount. Allowing mold growth in the home invariably puts them at the risk of falling sick, thereby inciting more expenditures on the part of the parents. We advise our clients not to expose their child to an environment where mold is detected.

The Elderly

As aging begins to take its toll on all of us, proper care must be taken to prevent it from coming in contact with dangerous secretions or environmental conditions. A more common phenomenon would be the breathing uneasiness a person who has been exposed to air contaminated by mold faces. The respiratory system of aged persons has gradually begun depreciating and so needs proper care and treatment. Therefore, they must stay away from environments that could pose a threat to their fragile breathing systems. We ensure that having elderly persons in a building or house doesn't attract issues from exposure to air contaminated by molds.

People with Compromised Immune Systems

The major role the immune systems play in the body is acting as a defense mechanism to fight and eliminate infections that may arise. This defense system can be compromised, and once that happens, the individual is prone to a lot of health issues. Respiratory damage is one of them that may ensue. The amount of exposure to mold contaminations wouldn't matter anymore as little amounts of exposure can upset the healthy balance of the entire system. Some of these damaging immune diseases could be HIV, Cancer, liver diseases.

People with Chronic Lung Disease

This means that their lungs would no longer have the capacity to completely filter the air being inhaled into it. This would eventually send it into a state of complete failure. To manage people with these conditions, we must make sure that they aren't exposed to breathing air contaminated by mold fungus. This is why we make sure that molds are completely removed from your residences and offices. As experts, we understand the hazards of mold to the lungs and other delicate parts of the human system. And we are always available for consultation.

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