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man cleaning mold on ceiling.ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.

We are a leading mold removal service company offering a wide range of mold remediation services structured to make your buildings free from mold growth and damages. In our past & present years of operation, we have continued to work tirelessly to proffer tailor-made services to a reasonable number of clients. We have tackled the most confusing and complicated mold issues that required full diagnostics since mold growth can be susceptible and tricky as well. With our team of experts who are well equipped for any mold removal projects, we never waiver on our response to your challenges, regardless of the level of mold challenges you may face.

Minneapolis Mold Removal Services have continued to offer services at the most cost-effective rates possible. When it comes to mold removal or related services, we don't fail to deliver and complete the project as agreed. We care about customer service and experience and establish optimum service delivery, even after the project completion, we still keep in touch with clients. This simple act will help us determine if the service we rendered meets the client’s taste and expectations. Our company is focused on unbeatable mold removal, inspection, and all-around mold safety using the necessary tools and technological support. We are proud of the exceptional services we provide to our clients for commercial mold service and residential issues in Minneapolis. Our range of services:

  • Mold and health
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold testing
  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Commercial mold removal and remediation
  • FAQs
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